Bell - 5 Movements for 4 Trombones

Bell - 5 Movements for 4 Trombones


5 Movements for 4 Trombones is an excellent addition to your next quartet recital! This work was composed by Zachary Bell in 2018 and premiered by the Ohio Trombone Quartet as part of the Composers Workshop at the 2019 International Trombone Festival in Muncie, Indiana. Bell structures this piece in five short movements, each providing contrast with the last, and aims to present the audience with beautiful, exciting, lyrical, and rhythmic textures.

Length: 6 minutes

Range: 1st tenor part reaches Bb4, 2nd tenor part reaches Ab4, 3rd tenor part reaches Bb4, bass trombone part goes down to pedal A, stays near the bottom of the staff or higher for most of the piece. All parts in bass clef.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to listen to a MIDI representation of the piece.

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