Elgar (arr. Sharpe) - Nimrod from Enigma Variations

Elgar (arr. Sharpe) - Nimrod from Enigma Variations


Few works generate as much emotion as Elgar’s “Nimrod” variation, and this arrangement will do the same for your next performance. Arranged for 12 trombones (9 tenors, 3 basses), Sharpe chose to expand this arrangement from his preferred octet orchestration in hopes of capturing the density and power of this masterpiece.

Length: 2:30-3 minutes

Range: 2 highest tenor parts reach E-flat5 (optional alto clef part available for 1st Trombone, optional 8vb for 2nd Trombone), lowest bass part goes down to pedal D (optional 8va to avoid pedal D).

Scroll to the bottom of the page to hear a MIDI rendering of this arrangement.

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