Grainger (arr. Sharpe) - Molly on the Shore

Grainger (arr. Sharpe) - Molly on the Shore


Percy Grainger's Molly on the Shore has dazzled audiences when performed by concert bands, orchestras, and solo piano, and now trombone quartet. Arranged for the now-defunct Avenue C Trombone Quartet by Chris M. Sharpe, this virtuosic arrangement will be sure to keep your trombone quartet busy and audiences enthralled.

Length: 4-5 minutes

Range: Tenor 1 and 2 parts reach Db5 several times. All tenor parts use tenor clef at some point, bass clef parts can be created upon request. Bass part goes down to pedal Ab. Melody is passed between all parts, mostly the tenor parts.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to hear a MIDI rendering of this arrangement.

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